Client Testimonials

SarahMWhile I had heard of “life coaches” before, I didn’t really understand what they did until I met with Michelle. She explained that unlike traditional counseling methods, life coaches take people whose lives are functional and help them move to optimal. That sounded good to me! I loved my session with Michelle because she used tools that helped me see just where I was feeling stuck. They weren’t scary or overwhelming – just simple and practical tools to help the client put their life in perspective. I really enjoyed the analysis with her and liked seeing my life neatly sketched out with her tool. She then examined where I was in comparison to where I wanted to be in areas I said I most wanted to work on. She helped set up concrete steps for me to take to help ME move myself in that direction.

What I love most about Michelle is how warm and genuine she is; caring for and connecting to people comes naturally. She is a deep soul who desires to help others. Michelle is a truly great listener and can really organize what she is hearing so that the client can better reflect on their goals. As a result of just one session with Michelle, I realized that I needed to make a career change. She never said it…but she helped me see that I was saying it even though I wasn’t recognizing it. As a result of this change in my professional life, I am now as close to optimal as I have ever been! Thank you, Michelle!
~Sarah M.

AmandaLThere are times in life when you just might need a therapist – a full fledged licensed therapist who will give you the whole “therapy treatment” and have you lay down on a couch, talk about your deepest secrets to help you through trying  times in life, charge you lots ‘o money per session and have you keep coming back for more, ’cause you just can’t seem to be “fixed” in one or two sessions… And then there are times in life you should visit a LIFE COACH.  A life coach like Michelle Harvey.  My life coach experiences with Michelle have been eye-opening to say the least. This girl is legit!   The best thing about what she offers in her services is that she spends so much time getting to know what your concerns are, asking you the nitty gritty details,  that when she finally learns what your actual issues are, she concentrates all of her time on helping you become the best YOU – and making sure you feel totally good about that before your session is complete.  

There are some people who innately have a gift of knowing what individuals need upon meeting them – and this is certainly a quality that Michelle has.  She has always sensed when I may be stumbling on my path of growth, weighed down by self-imposed negativity – or even others taking advantage of my nice nature, – and she offers kind and gentle insights that are beacons of light in my own dark thoughts. Michelle always knows exactly the right questions to ask, or offer the tools I need and she does so with a gentle “shoot it to me straight” approach so that I may see the positive steps I should take, which are often right before me. No matter how I may have felt prior to talking to her – I ALWAYS feel ten times better when I do.  I think a lot of this is attributed to the fact that she is such a personable and fun-loving, yet professional coach, which is highly desired.

I truly feel that so much of the success in my personal and professional life has come from her  coaching expertise in helping me to see and realize the greatness of who I am. I could never thank her enough and I’m truly blessed to have found her services as my Life Coach!
~Amanda L.

George“Having Michelle Harvey as my coach during a pivotal time in my life was one of the best things I could have done. She helped me clarify my goals and put me on a path to achieving them. Our coaching sessions were extremely enjoyable and enlightening, guided by her brilliant probes. I began to understand myself in a way that made it easy for me to see my next steps. With the tools and techniques that Michelle taught me, I’m well on my way to achieving my dreams.”
~George D. Griffin III



Leah“A year ago, I was one of Michelle Harvey’s 8th grade science students. I knew soon after school started that she was going to be my favorite teacher. Last year I went though very stressful situations. Between leading the dance team, grades, and even bullying, Michelle seemed to make all of this disappear when I walked into her class. She has the biggest heart! I really admire how when you speak with her, you can feel that she is really absorbing all of the information and cares about your feelings. When Michelle told our class she was going to take a break from teaching and become a life coach, at first I was sad because she was an amazing teacher, but I knew that helping other people is something she was meant to do. If you ever feel like the world is against you, and you’re alone, Michelle will always be on the sidelines cheering you on. Now, almost a year has gone by and I’m in high school, which means stress levels are rising, so when I get to meet up with Michelle, and talk to her about my life currently, I walk away a happier person. I have a new perspective on things and a motivation to conquer anything that I want to do! She can talk about any subject and know when to be serious and give advice, but she also knows when to crack a joke and put a big grin on your face. I know I want to keep Michelle in my life forever because she inspires me to live, love, and rise above!!!”

Leah B.