Teen/Young Adult Coaching



Hormones, class schedules, homework, extra curricular activities, social life, appearance, family life, part-time job, social media…where does a teen find the balance?  Teenagers and young adults can be at a special disadvantage, because oftentimes they don’t fully understand how they are wired and what they stand for yet.  Add to that the technological world we live in and the pressure to maintain a certain image, and it’s no wonder teens today are living unbalanced and unhappy lives.

I get it.  As a former middle school teacher, I’ve learned a thing or two about what’s important to these young individuals and how to help them see beyond the blinders of what seems so important at the time.  Using temperament assessments, listening techniques, and strategic tools, I can help your child begin to prioritize their wants/needs and gain clarity towards their life goals.

Already in college?  You–more than anyone–need to learn the art of a finely balanced life!  Contact me now to discuss if a coaching relationship is right for you!