relationship coaching

“Evolving together is one of the greatest
challenges in a marriage…”

Many couples are so ecstatic when they fall in love that they rush into what I like to call “Blissful Blindness.”

What is Blissful Blindness?

This is my term to describe a newly connected couple who are so excited to commit that they don’t ask critical questions, such as:

  • What are your views on saving/spending money?
  • How many children do you want to have?
  • What are your hot button issues?
  • How often does your mother really need to stop by/call?

Then, after the honeymoon period ends, there is usually a *gulp*, followed by these competing communications…

“You don’t want children?” vs. “You want how many children?”
“We don’t spend enough time together!” vs. “You need alone time?”
“We can’t afford that!” vs. “We can’t afford NOT to have that!”

As individuals, we naturally grow and evolve.  Add in sudden changes to financial or career stability and couples can easily:

  • Move in opposite directions
  • Struggle to coexist under the same roof
  • Resist connecting on a deeper level
  • Experience communication strains
  • Feel a shortage of sexual and/or emotional intimacy

There is hope and you can turn your relationship
from IDLE  to IDEAL!

As a Certified Relationship Coach, I specialize in helping couples to:

  • Learn to balance individuality, while thriving as a couple
  • Communicate with respect for each other, and yes, argue effectively
  • Create an equal sense of partnership
  • Generate healthy expectations surrounding intimacy
  • Respect each other’s differences and choose battles wisely

 You have the power to navigate through differences, appreciate one another, and grow closer together.

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