Self Empowerment Program

You may be wondering where your relationship went?  While important, this program is designed for individual’s who wish to rediscover themselves first!

We begin by outlining where you are now, where you want to go, and defeat those annoying obstacles that stand in your way.  Next, we explore your inner motivations and how you are wired; thus revealing a true sense of acceptance within yourself.  Finally, you are officially ready to set the goals needed to achieve your own personal definition of well-being!

***As a former middle school teacher, I can say that teens are encountering stress in many areas, which largely stems from a conflict with self.  If you are a teen or a parent of a teen who is struggling, this program is for you!

The “IDLE to IDEAL” Couples Program

Get ready to return to the blissful (minus the blindness)!  No matter the struggles you face as a couple, you can improve your intimacy and reconnect again.

We begin by defining how the “ideal” relationship looks and feels to both of you.  You will then identify your current challenges and the steps needed to overcome them.  Most importantly, you will uncover your natural temperaments, how you are wired to give and receive love, and the introversion vs. extroversion tendencies that explain your “idle” situation.

The Inconceivable Program

Infertility does not have to suck the life out of your romance or your relationships!  Despite the crazy positions, clinics, thermometers, and calendars, you can feel like a woman again and reconnect to the natural form of intimacy you crave.

Most importantly, you can discover ways to refocus your energy, feel “normal,” and realize you are not alone on this journey. Now that’s conceivable!

  • All Programs are offered in 1, 3, or 6-month increments.

(It’s kinda like going to the gym.  Go once and you feel great!  But if you commit, you can achieve long-term, sustainable results.)

Empowering Energy Assessment

Not sure you want to sign up for a full package?  This is a one-time assessment and session that will deliver powerful results, and give you a taste of what coaching can do for you.

Discover how you show up in life, how you react to stress, and how these reactions are impacting your relationships.  Unlike most assessments that gauge your personality, this is an attitudinal assessment.  And yes, your attitude can change!

Imagine knowing when you react negatively to situations, people, and those random events that drive you crazy?  Now imagine learning how to react in positive ways to create and sustain lasting relationship results.

  • Includes a 15 minute assessment and 75-minute debrief

Get started on discovering a new you while building stronger relationships!

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